FootballFix and Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Updated as at 1st January 2021

We are at Level 1 in New Zealand. All FootballFix competitions are fully operational.

Below is the latest status in detail from FootballFix. Scroll down for further updates in chronological order.

Update as at 9am on 1st January 2021

Happy New Year!

We hope you’ve all had a safe and enjoyable holiday break! FootballFix competitions resume on January 11th. Secure your place in our available leagues now and make the most of this glorious, covid-free summer!

Update as at 12am on 8th October 2020

FootballFix resumes full operations

As at Thursday 8th October, the Government has announced Auckland will be lowered to Alert Level 1 with no max gathering restrictions.

This means all leagues and competitions will resume without restrictions. Contact tracing and regular hygiene protocols will still apply.

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Update as at 1.30pm on 21st September 2020

FootballFix will resume all operations on Thursday 24th September

As at 21st September 1.30pm, the Government has announced Auckland will be lowered to Alert Level 2 with a max gathering of 100 people from Wednesday 23rd September 11.59pm. All FootballFix operations resume from Thursday 24th September onwards under Alert Level 2 guidelines.

This means all leagues and competitions are able to play from Thursday 24th September onwards. Team managers please keep an eye out for email communications from your Venue Manager regarding your games, competition, and procedures around your arrival and departure from the venue.

In the meantime, FootballFix’s app which allows players to sign up for 5v5 games across Auckland is still active and has hosted over 100+  games in the last few weeks! You can download this app using the links below:

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Update as at 1.30pm on 4th September 2020

FootballFix operations are paused under Alert Level 2.5

Auckland is currently in Alert Level 2.5. After the Government’s announcement today (Friday 4th September), the wider region will remain at this level until at least 14th September when the next review will take place.

Due to Level 2.5 restrictions, gatherings of more than 10 people are not allowed. Therefore, all FootballFix competitions are currently suspended until this restriction is lifted or limits are increased.

FootballFix has released an app which allows players to sign up for 5v5 games across Auckland. You can download this app using the links below:

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Update as at 9am on 12th August 2020

FootballFix operations are paused under Alert Level 3

Auckland is now in Alert Level 3 for 3 days. We will release more information as soon as we can, in the meantime:

  • All centres are inactive
  • All matches have been postponed
  • All coaching and junior events are cancelled

Hang in there everyone, we’ll get through this!

Update as at 9am on 9th June 2020

FootballFix is now fully active under Level 1

We did it, New Zealand! We’re back down to Level 1 and we can start enjoying our football again. The change from Level 2 to Level 1 means:

  • All FootballFix venues are open and competitions are fully active
  • Contact tracing is recommended but not a requirement
  • The mass gathering limit is now lifted and unrestricted

What FootballFix will commit to going forward:

  • We will continue to record a level of contact tracking by way of our team attendance tracking which has always been a requirement for players at our venues (to ensure finalists are eligible etc). We also recommend that you keep your own contact tracing diary as advised by health authorities;
  • We will continue a high standard of cleanliness and we highly encourage teams to invest in their own kits so as to avoid the sharing of bibs at our venues. To purchase a kit and have it delivered to your team, visit teamapparel.co.nz.

Kia kaha Aotearoa! Now back to the football field!

Update as at 12pm on 29th May 2020

FootballFix competitions resume under Level 2 guidelines

As per the Government announcement earlier this week, the limit gathering has been extended to 100 people. FootballFix will now resume its “return to football” under Level 2. Please see our below updates or contact your venue manager for more details on FootballFix competitions under Level 2 restrictions regarding contact tracining and health/hygiene precautions.

Update as at 13th May 2020

Following on from our important update published on the 11th May 2020 regarding our Level 2 plans, today we have received an update from Sport NZ which effectively means our “restart date” has been delayed.

It is still expected that FootballFix and other team sports will be able to resume acitivity within Level 2, but we must await for the “group limit” (currently 10) to be increased.

Everyone has been working extremely hard over the past few weeks to ensure FootballFix, our facilities and membership would be ready to return to football in a safe way. It was under the initial Level 2 guidelines that team sports would be able to resume (gatherings of 100 maximum). However, on the afternoon of 12th May 2020 Sport NZ confirmed that the “10-person gathering” restriction would extend to all sporting groups. Just like our valued community, we are disappointed and frustrated by the communications, or lack thereof, surrounding these important details.

Next steps:

  • Level 2 will commence from Thursday 14th May 2020 onwards
  • All team sports will not be allowed to recommence until the 10-person gathering limit is raised
  • We anticipate this increase, dictated by the Government and Sport NZ, could happen on Monday 25th May 2020 (to be confirmed)
  • All FootballFix fixtures have been postponed

In the meantime, we ask that team organisers use this extra time to ensure all of their players are added to our online database along with the relevant contact information. Please refer to our recent emails for more information or see our update below on 11th May 2020.

We will update our community, this page and our social media with updates as soon we can. We sincerely thank you for your continued patience as we navigate this situation and prepare for our long-awaited return to football.

Update as at 11th May 2020

Important update: FootballFix prepares to resume activity under a “new normal” as New Zealand enters Level 2

All FootballFix activity has been suspended since 23rd March 2020 under restrictions set under Level 4 and Level 3. Following the announcements from the New Zealand Government on 7th May outlining what Level 2 will look like, followed by the official Level 2 update today on 11th May, FootballFix is now preparing to resume activity once Level 2 commences.

FootballFix takes the health and safety of our community incredibly seriously, and will be following all official requirements to ensure we are resuming activity safely and according to protocols set by the Ministry of Health.

Summary of what Level 2 will look like:

  • Level 2 will commence from Thursday 14th May 2020 onwards
  • Contact sports will be allowed under Level 2
  • Maximum “sport” gatherings of 100 people (indoor or outdoor)
  • Contact tracing a strict requirement
  • Emphasis on health, safety, hygiene and cleaning of equipment

FootballFix has prepared and planned according to these new protocols and requirements. It is important that every player reads and understands how our competitions will work under Level 2, especially captains and team organisers.

Contact Tracing

Our current sports management system is ready and enabled to manage compulsory contact tracing for all players at all venues. Team organisers have been sent an email with instructions on what they need to do. Going forward, it will be imperative that all players are registered and have signed in before every match. For any fill-ins or players not registered, they will need to enter their information on the team sheet for that game. Team organisers will be responsible for ensuring this information is correct for every match. Penalties may apply for teams who to do not meet our strict contact tracing criteria.

Watch a quick video on how to manage your team and add a player

Health & Hygiene

Hand-washing is a requirement. All participants must wash and dry their hands before and after every match. Each venue will be slightly different in how this will be done, and will be clearly communicated to players and team managers registered with their relative venues.

Teams will now be required to wear a matching kit for every match as well as bring a secondary kit for instances where your kit might clash with the “home” opposition. Players should arrive to their matches game-ready and in their kit. Bibs will be available at the Venue Manager’s discretion, and no bibs will be used more than once per night. Any shared equipment will be washed, cleaned and disinfected as appropriate.

Match balls will be interchanged and cleaned between matches. Referees and match officials will be in charge of the balls, and have been briefed on how to manage this equipment. No warm-up balls will be provided.

Next steps

  1. Leagues and competitions will be communicated to previous season teams to play their final matches. As promised, we wish to ensure the previous season is finished and winners are decided as appropriate.
  2. New leagues and competitions will be announced and opened for registration. These are already in very high demand with many emails coming our way in the last few weeks, so please ensure you are registering online as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss out. Complete teams with registered players will be given priority. Email us with any questions.

We can’t wait to get back out on the pitch with you all, and ensure that we are doing so in the safest possible way!

Get ready for football,
The Team at FootballFix

Update as at 23rd March 2020

Important update: FootballFix suspends all activity, leagues, coaching and competitions effective immediately

After the nation-wide updates announced on Saturday 21st March 2020, FootballFix held an emergency meeting at the first possible opportunity on Monday 23rd March 2020. Following this meeting, FootballFix has made the decision to suspend all activity, leagues, coaching and competitions effective immediately.

We highly commend our government and health authorities for taking the measures they have in keeping New Zealander’s safe. As always, FootballFix puts the health and safety of its customers, employees and community first. To date, we have been heeding closely the guidance from local health authorities and advisors.

Some of our leagues were coming into “finals week” – we would like to resume and play all finals for these leagues, where applicable, as soon as possible. Once the “all clear” has been given by health authorities, we will contact teams who are eligible for final play-off matches and advise them how these games will be played.

Teams who have registered for our Autumn season will be kept registered for their chosen competitions once we resume. We are committed to playing the Autumn season and will provide updates regarding potential start dates as we receive information from the government. As a show of goodwill, we are happy to refund any registrations to teams who wish to withdraw from the Autumn season.

This is an extremely fast-moving global event, and we sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these extraordinary times. We implore all of you to please look out for one another and approach every situation with care and empathy. We are all in this together – young and old, families and individuals, businesses and employees, even us footballers. Times like these may be unnerving, but they also give us all an opportunity to come together, help each other, and support each other. FootballFix is proud to have been bringing you football on a daily basis for the last 9 years and hopefully many more to come.

We thank you for your sustained support and understanding. We hope to see you all again very soon! Please keep an eye out for future updates.

Stay safe,
The Team at FootballFix

Update as at 22nd March 2020

As per the COVID-19 Alert System announced yesterday, FootballFix is working on a contigency plan for each level and is aware of the concerns of our loyal community. Please bare with us as we work through this fast-paced, ever-evolving situation.

Currently we are at Level 2: Reduce
Restaurants, cafes, bars, grocery stores, schools are all still in full operation. FootballFix competitions are currently still active, but we are following the situation extremely closely and have contingency plans in place.

At Level 3, where the New Zealand Government and health authorities deem all gatherings and non-essential businesses unsafe, FootballFix will halt all competitions and public operations.

We appreciate that some of our community wish to err on the side of caution. We fully understand should you wish to discontinue playing, please just let your Venue Manager know. Any teams that wish to withdraw from the Autumun season, we are happy to process a full refund as a measure of goodwill.

We would like to assure our customers and community that we will make decisions based on the advice and guidance we are receiving from our government and health authorities.

Please continue to check this page and our Facebook pages for regular updates.

Update as at 21st March 2020

On Saturday 21st March 2020, the New Zealand Government has released an Alert System consisting of 4 Levels. As at today, we are at Level 2. See the COVID-19 Alert Levels Table here.

See the official updates from covid19.govt.nz here

What does this mean for FootballFix?

  • “Mass gatherings” are restricted – outdoor gatherings of more than 500 people, and indoor gatherings of more than 100 people are banned.
  • People over 70 years of age, people who have compromised immunity or people who have underlying respiratory conditions should stay at home.
  • As mentioned earlier, any player who is feeling even the slightest bit unwell should self-isolate and not attend our competitions.
  • No handshaking at any of our venues, with higher care given to hygiene practices as well.
  • All venues have a COVID-19 instructional information on the news board or touchscreen.
  • Any teams wishing to discontinue playing are free to do so, and any teams registered for the Autumn season who wish to withdraw may request a full refund.

Please continue reading below updates, as all previous precautions and measures taken by FootballFix still apply in addition to the above.

All competitions are currently active.

Update as at 19th March 2020

The health, safety and wellbeing of our players, teams, community and staff is our highest priority. Due to the growing global concerns around coronavirus (Covid-19), we wish to ensure our community remains up-to-date.

We have been closely monitoring all of the latest guidelines issued by the New Zealand Ministry of Health and will continue to follow their advice and take the appropriate steps to help keep our customers safe.

At this point in time, our competitions will continue to run as normal. We understand that this is an ever-evolving situation. We await to hear from official health authorities on recommendations that may affect us and our community, but until that time all games will go ahead as planned.

The key recommendation we are heeding right now is related to the number of people allowed at a mass gathering. The most people we have at any given time at any one venue is between 15-100 people depending on the venue and number of fields, which is well below the guidelines currently set out by the New Zealand Ministry of Health (only events greater than 500 people are being cancelled). Source: NZ Ministry of Health

We ask that all players and people at our venues follow these guidelines:

  • If you or any of your teammates have flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath, then you should stay away from our venues and competitions.
  • We recommend that nobody shakes hands before or after the game.
  • Please ensure that you wash your hands regularly and after the game.

Click here for the latest update from the Ministry of Health

We fully understand that there are concerns. If you decide your team does not want to participate in the upcoming Autumn season, that is absolutely fine and we fully understand. As a show of goodwill, we are happy to issue a full refund of any payments that have been made as long as your request is made before the season has started.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely. Should anything develop officially from the Ministry of Health, we will take the appropriate measures in order to keep everyone as safe as possible and communicate any changes with our communities.

For any future updates, please check our website or social media pages as an official source of information regarding our leagues and competitions.

About FootballFix
FootballFix by SportSocial provides community-level social football competitions – leagues, tournaments, and corporate events – all over the Auckland region. SportSocial is Aotearoa’s favourite social sports organisers – from football and netball to touch rugby and apparel. For more information, visit footballfix.co.nz or sportsocial.co.nz.

No handshaking, and please try and reduce any hand or skin contact where possible. Please try and socially distance yourself from others at the venue until your game is about to start. Please leave the venue as soon as your match finishes.

Healthy players only. If you are feeling even the slightest unwell, are a non-player or supporter, are over 70 years of age, or have a compromised immune system, please do not attend our venues at all.

We are monitoring the situation closely, and will make decisions based on official advice. We understand if you wish to discontinue playing, just please let us know in advance. We will refund all Autumn registrations upon request.

Update as at 18th March 2020

We are aware of the statement made today by New Zealand Football and other nationally organized sporting codes. We would like to clarify that FootballFix is not affiliated with New Zealand Football or any of its regional federations in any way. FootballFix will continue to monitor the situation and closely and follow the advice of official health authorities (i.e. Ministry of Health, New Zealand Government).

Update as at 17th March 2020

NZ Herald: “Play on’: New Zealand health experts say sport should continue across country”

Despite cancellations and suspensions from national and international sporting bodies, the spread of Covid-19 in domestic and community sport is not a huge risk yet, and sport should remain a part of the community while it can.

University of Otago’s Doctor Ayesha Verrall is an expert in infectious diseases and she says now is not the time to halt sport at any level.

Read this full article here

Sourced from NZ Herald

Despite cancellations and suspensions from national and international sporting bodies, the spread of Covid-19 in domestic and community sport is not a huge risk yet, and sport should remain a part of the community while it can.

University of Otago’s Doctor Ayesha Verrall is an expert in infectious diseases and she says now is not the time to halt sport at any level.

Verrall says continuity is the best call for now, as the virus could have a further reach in the coming months and Kiwis may then not have the choice to continue organised sport at all.

“When we are at this stage, no we don’t need to cancel. We just need to follow the direction from the Government like we are. These measures will change as the number of cases and transmissions in our community changes.”

The current Government advice is to cancel or postpone events that have crowds of 500 people or more. Meaning domestic matches such as Super Rugby, Football’s A-League and the Rugby League’s NRL have to adapt.

These competitions required international travel, but Verrall says small-scale community sport and even domestic matches should continue – provided the crowds are limited.

“So right now there’s only limits on groups over 500 people. We should go play club rugby if it’s only getting 100 people together. Live your life to the fullest within the rules. “Go to the gym, wash your hands when you go in, wipe down your equipment and while you’re there don’t touch your face, then wash when you leave.”

Verrall says “our new normal” is that Covid-19 is out there and it means sporting bodies may need to adjust plans quickly as the virus develops.

But for now, play on.

“Imagine if we did have a little outbreak, or restrictions later on in the year? we would have wished we did all our normal stuff in March and April.”

Auckland University’s professor Shaun Hendy specialises in the spread of virus and disease. He echoed it was important to keep the status quo going in community and domestic sport, for the sake of staying connected.

“At the moment my recommendation would be no [don’t cancel]. People obviously have to take precautions and be sensible. If you’ve got a cold or sore throat don’t go play sport or don’t turn up to the game. The risk drops as the number of people drops. So I think for local school sport at the moment, people should still be doing that, while we can.”

He added keeping that sense of community is useful and healthy, provided people take the right precautions.

“We are in this for the long haul, you know it’s not something that’s going to go away in a few weeks, we are talking months to a year.”

Update as at 16th March 2020

As at March 16th, the NZ Ministry of Health is banning gatherings of 500 or more and encourage those who are unwell to self-isolate, with strong recommendations for all those who are healthy to maintain good hygiene practices. They are still encouraging the healthy public to continue to work and attend school as usual.

Read this full update here

Update as at 14th March 2020

NZ Ministry of Health has made the following recommendations to all attending gatherings of any size in order to minimize personal risk:

The most important thing to do is practice good hygiene. This means:

  • Covering coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or coughing/sneezing into your elbow;
  • Disposing of used tissues appropriately in a bin;
  • Washing hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water and drying them thoroughly, or using hand sanitizer:
    • before eating or handling food
    • after using the toilet
    • after coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose or wiping children’s noses
    • after touching public surfaces
  • Trying to keep 2 metres away from people who are unwell;
  • Limiting alcohol and drug use (as this may affect your ability to adequately follow the advice above).

The measures above are especially important for people who have existing health conditions, such as those with diabetes, renal failure, chronic lung disease or compromised immune systems.

Read this full update here